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Wax Spatula

Wax Spatula

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The wax spatula is primarily used during the edge finishing process.

If you're doing edge painting, then you would use it to shape the edge paint. The recommended temperature range varies based on your technique and edge paint manufacturer. I personally only use it on the final layer, when using Uniters edge paint, as it will create a hardened crust that will be more durable. Picture this, soft on the inside and hard on the outside, such that it will still be pliable and less prone to cracking, but protected against the elements.

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Tapered Nut

Short circuit is a common issue in electric creasers. I have narrowed down one of the causes. The steel center rod that goes through the brass body of the creasing tip can misalign and bend slightly with constant use, especially with high pressure. The two brass nuts used in common electric creaser tips are cylindrical and a little too close for comfort to the internal walls of the creasing handle screw mount. A slight misalignment can cause the cylindrical brass nut to touch both the cathode and anode at the same time, sending your machine to an early grave.

This is my solution:
Custom manufactured tapered nut made from steel.