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Stitch Groover - Tritium

Stitch Groover - Tritium

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Introducing a small upgrade, Tritium Self Luminous tubes, the same element they would use in Nuclear Fusion reactors!

These stitch groover is a must have for anybody who needs to create a channel on the surface of the leather for the stitching to be recessed. The groover blades are made from vacuum heat treated, ASP-60 high speed steel, and hand sharpened by myself to display outstanding sharpness out of the box! 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Carlos R.
Very Impressive

Always impressed with the quality of the tool. Jun Lin really takes it the extra mile. Will be buying more tools soon!

Santiago Besteiro
Nice tools!!!

The seller was very attentive, and the tools are very good quality. I recommend this store.

Beautiful Tool

While it is not inexpensive, the quality of the tool is impressive and it’s a pleasure to use.
My only suggestion for improvement would be to incorporate storage for the other blades - maybe a screw top and hollow shaft just at the top. For that I would add a sixth star.

Butter groover

It is beautiful, works like as if you are grooving a stick of butter which tells you how sharp this groover is, finger grip indentations are nicely paved… and it is matte gold color which is very cool 😎. What else can I say about this tool? But to say I love it!!
Thanks, Jun.

Antonin Faktor

Stitch Groover