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Signature skiving knife - Angled bevel

Signature skiving knife - Angled bevel

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Bevel Side

These skivers are a product of my passion and standards towards what makes a good skiving knife. The handle scale on the bottom side of the blade is kept shorter and thinner to minimise obstruction during use, but at the same time provides comfort when used outside the typical skiving form


Steel Swedish Steel - Damasteel RWL34
Sharpening 10 deg primary bevel with 13 degree microbevel
Blade Angle Between 75 and 78 deg
Steel Thickness 3.4mm at the handle, tapering down to 1mm at the bevel
Handle material Desert Ironwood (Arizona)
Weight 140 grams
Dimension 3cm wide, 19cm long


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Customer Reviews

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Samir krey
Awesome quality

Beautiful and razor sharp skiving knife, very well designed and a joy to use. Could not be happier with it. Thank you

It’s all butter!!

With the sharp-a-holic at the helm no leather stands a chance from a JunLin blade of this caliber. Don’t waste your Amazon dollars. Save them and buy the only knife that will out-perform very last one out on the market. JunLin knows metal, he personally sees to getting every detail perfect so you’re at your best doing you craft. You can easily say this tool maker is a CUT above the rest!! Thanks for packing my stuff so well and I’m thrilled it came from so far away as quick as it did!

Hello Jonathan! This is a damn amusing review! I would love to express my gratitude to have your support. Knives are a long journey for me, there is always something that can be done a tad bit better. Hearing how it blew your mind is a good reason for me to keep refining on it!

Malin Landehag
More Junlin to the people

This knifes design, steel and wood is crafted absolutely beautiful.

From support to shipping to delivery this is my best experience ever with buying tools on the Webb.
JunLin = “bestguyever” He is one of a kind, and takes perfection to a new level. I am extremely happy with my “full house order”.
More JunLin Leather to the people!

Hey Malin, a full house order! I hope you like the special gift :) its a pretty useful tool for rough cutting and trimming.

The best knife there is

After years of trying several different knives, this is by far, the best there is on the market. It comes razor sharp out of the box, and slices better than anything else I’ve owned

Hey Aaron! Thank you for the feedback, the knives are one of my proudest products, nothing beats a rustic hand sharpened bevel