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Leather Knife - Journey (36mm)

Leather Knife - Journey (36mm)

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My interpretation of a Japanese Cutting knife

The two recessed grinds is to reduce the surface area on the flat side of the blade when resharpening.

As for the bevel, I decided on a 2 stage bevel (primary at 15, and secondary at 20 degrees). After a week of experimenting and testing, I am confident that a 20 degree apex is most suitable considering that this knife is going to be mostly used for cutting, it makes honing and light resharpening much easier than if it’s just a single 20 degree surface.
As a consequence however, bevel side down skiving doesn’t feel that great, but I would argue that a regular skiving knife would be a more suitable candidate for that application.

Mercury Chamfer

The edges around the body of the knives are hand ground and polished using a technique I developed, that was inspired by my observation of the spine on Japanese kitchen knives. It is quite difficult for me to describe what it is in words, you just have to take my words for it! 


Steel CPM Magnacut
Sharpening Single Bevel, 15 degrees primary, 20 degrees secondary


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Customer Reviews

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Unmatched Japanese Cutting Knife!

This will be my 5th Japanese cutting knife, as I am always on the hunt for knives that will offer me an upper hand in my work. I use this knife very heavily in my pattern cutting and trimming. The Journey has amazing edge retention, it is very comfortable and feels very natural in use. I have used cutting knives from Palosanto and various maker sources from Japan, and I think Junlin nailed it here with how this is was put together with his material choices and overall design. As with most of the other tools I have used from Junlin, his attention to detail runs very deep. You can really tell that he puts his heart into what he makes, and truly cares about the end product. 10/10

Christopher Carlisle
Extraordinary knife

This knife is incredibly enjoyable to use—its edge design cuts effortlessly and its ergonomics make it very intuitive to use. I had given up on trying to use a Japanese-style knife for most cutting, but this one is a whole different animal—I fully expect it will become my primary knife for cutting out patterns. Also, I’m somewhat amazed someone made a leather knife from Magnacut, which is about the most advanced and fashionable powdered-metal steel in the high-end knife world right now.

My new favorite skiving knife!

My previous skiving knife was nowhere near in comparison to this knife. I would constantly browse YouTube and see other people making skiving look so easy with their knives. Even after sharpening my previous knife, it still couldn’t skive or cut leather the way Junlin’s knife came right out of the box!

The weight of the knife is perfect. The feature I love most about the knife is the shape of the handle. It has great ergonomics and grips very nicely into your palm. The wood used on the handle has a very beautiful tone , grain and finish to it.

I now understand what a good skiving knife is meant to feel and work like. This knife was worth the price for it’s great design and quality! I am excited to purchase more tools from Junlin’s in the future!