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Rail Mounted Cutter

Rail Mounted Cutter

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The entire body is made from Aluminium, which contributed to its light weight despite the form factor. Maneuverability is a key consideration as it is important for the tool to be easy to move around on your work bench. 

Antislip rubber padding

Rubber tube inlays on both sides of the ruler edge ensures that it is able to grip onto the leather surface, minimising the risk of slipping and misalignment. 

Spring Loaded

The contraption that slides along the rail is spring loaded. It introduces the blade into the leather when you press down on it. This prevents accident which we unfortunately are all too familiar with.

Comes with 2 different blade attachments

Straight blade attachment

Suitable for cutting through thick and firm leather. 

Rotary blade attachment

Suitable for cutting thin, soft, and stretchy leather.


This concept of this tool roots from woodworking guided rail saws. I threw this idea to a a friend (who happens to be a leather tool designer and a machinist) a little over two years ago, and at long last our collaborative effort came into fruition!


Ruler: 85cm/ 34" long, with an operating length of 75cm/30" inches

Weight: 1.8kg/ 4lbs

Whats in the box: 

  1. 85cm rail
  2. Straight utility blade attachment (Comes with a box of 10 replacement blades)
  3. Rotary utility blade attachment, comes with one attached. It is pretty easy to find replacements for them from brands like Olfa or NT cutter.
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Francoise Durand
Great quality tools and fast delivery !

Thanks !