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Maxita Stamp Holder

Maxita Stamp Holder

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Maxita is a well established manufacturer in China. You may have came across their brand a few times with their famously popular stitching ponies. JunLinLeather is proud to be Maxita's international distributor for a subset of their tools and machineries. 

    Maxita EC-17 Hot Foil Stamp


    Different Stamp Holders

    By default one will be provided with the purchase of the machine. Please visit this product listing if you wish to purchase extra stamp holders.

    Type 1

    This is designed to be a multipurpose Stamp Holder. It is able to accommodate both single and double line letter stamps (Needs practice) and logo stamps smaller than 2.5x7.5cm (1" x 3"). 

    Type 2

    Type 2 can accommodate both letter stamps and Logo stamps as well. It has the limitation of only being able to hold a single line of letters. However on the bright side, it can hold Logo stamps of virtually any size (within a rational limit). It is also faster and more convenient to operate.

    Type 3

    The application of the type 3 stamp holder is very limited, its useful only if you need to stamp double line logo stamps frequently.

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    sonia Ahmimou

    Super machine.