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Maxita EC-17 Hot Foil Stamp

Maxita EC-17 Hot Foil Stamp

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Maxita is a well established manufacturer in China. You may have came across their brand a few times with their famously popular stitching ponies. JunLinLeather is proud to be Maxita's international distributor for a subset of their tools and machineries. 

Whats included in the box?

  • EC-17 Hot Foil Stamp body (comes with laser attachment)
  • Stamping Platform guide
  • Power Cable (Default type by shipping address)
  • One Stamp Holder (Please leave a note of which you would prefer)

Different Stamp Holders

By default one will be provided with the purchase of the machine. Please visit this product listing if you wish to purchase extra stamp holders.

Type 1

This is designed to be a multipurpose Stamp Holder. It is able to accommodate both single and double line letter stamps (Needs practice) and logo stamps smaller than 2.5x7.5cm (1" x 3"). 

Type 2

Type 2 can accommodate both letter stamps and Logo stamps as well. It has the limitation of only being able to hold a single line of letters. However on the bright side, it can hold Logo stamps of virtually any size (within a rational limit). It is also faster and more convenient to operate.

Type 3

The application of the type 3 stamp holder is very limited, its useful only if you need to stamp double line logo stamps frequently.

What's different about the ones JunLinLeather sell?

Larger Stamping platform

On the typical EC-17 machines, the stamping platform is 15x15cm, 5.9"x5.9". We requested to have ours upgraded to a 20x16cm, 7.8"x6.3" platform. 

Laser Guide

Having a laser guide with make your workflow more efficient as you will be able to inspect the position of where the stamp will land on the product before making the final call. The position and direction of the laser can be easily calibrated to your needs too.

Comes with a stamping platform guide

The stamping platform guide is a must have accessory for this machine, it makes repetitive hot foil stamping workflows a breeze in the park.  

Sliding Platform 

The platform in which the product is placed on can slide forward and backwards. This will provide more room and visibility when aligning the product on the platform.

Sufficient clearance between the stamping platform and the heated brass stamps is also important for workplace safety and ease of operation.


As an official distributor for Maxita, we will be able to service and troubleshoot most if not all issues remotely. We don't have a set date period for which the warranty will be valid, I guess its for as long as we are able to! Some machine and assembly skills will be necessary for replacing faulty or damaged parts if we resort to that. 


Weight 7.5kg
Voltage 100V to 220V
Power Plug

I will include one that is applicable in the destination shipping country

Base Material American Black Walnut

Width: 20cm / 7.9 inches

Depth: 35cm / 13.8 inches

Height: 30cm / 11.8 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

This little machine is perfect for my small business. Its compact, mighty and delivers perfectly for my needs. Communication was easy and efficient. Absolute pleasure to work with JunLin and highly recommend for those on the fence.

Good deal

The machine is very easy to use and install , get hot very fast maintain good temperature all the time even after so many raped uses. The holder very easy to use. Generally it’s great . Junlinleather is the best 🤓.

S. Davis
Great Investment

Another great tool tailored by Jun Lin. Very easy to use, great control over temp and most importantly, crispy clean results.

Maxita EC-17

This is a great little machine, excellent value for money. Very happy with this purchase and the service was great!

Katrina Tollefsrud
Well worth it!

Very happy with Maxita hot foil stamp machine! It is well worth the price tag. Shipping was incredibly fast! Faster than most in country shipping.