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Topnotch Heating Lamp

Topnotch Heating Lamp

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After running around town looking for the best heating lamps for a while, I have finally settled with this one. One piece mirror polished stainless steel body, with precision machined stainless steel burner head. The lamp also fashions a turn screw knob to adjust how much of the wick is exposed which controls the flame intensity.
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Customer Reviews

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Anneliese Windlebourne
Stunning piece of art

Wow, this is so pretty I hate leaving finger prints on it! On a serious note, it works well and I really like the turn knob function to increase/decrease the flame.

Michael Carotenuto
Great Lamp

Worked really well.

Adi Hermawan
High Quality & Aesthetically Pleasing

It's all shiny and stainless, so you can practically use it as a mirror to check your crazy bedhead in the morning.

S. Davis
Great design!

My third spirit lamp and easily the best design both practically and aesthetically

Really Nice - Top Notch Indeed

I've wanted to pick up a lamp for a while but all the ones I've come across seem a bit "light" - made with light materials for rapid mass production. This is really SOLID - built with heavy and thick metal. The threaded parts like the top and the wick adjuster move smoothly and without any excess play (if you think of other oil lamps and such, usually the parts are assembled using metal stamped from a flat sheet. The parts on this (appear to be) solid machined and feel super sturdy.)
The only thing I can come up with as a "con" is the reservoir is highly polished but the wick adjuster and components are brushed. Easy fix for anyone "crafty" - polish the adjuster or take a some high grit sandpaper and a 3M pad to the reservoir. But honestly, that's nitpicking for the quality of this.
Honestly, on it's own with no purpose, this looks really cool on a desk as a conversation piece or with other stainless items - check out my pen holder that came from a hospital clean out or my band aid dispenser from Bed Bath and Beyond :).
Rigged up a creaser holder by drilling a 1" hole in a 4x4 at 5" and then cut it at the 5" mark to split the hole and turn it into a recess. Might trim off an inch or so from the bottom to bring it closer to to the flame but for the time being I think it's good.
Filled it with denatured alcohol but might switch to isopropyl ~70%.
5/5 stars, looking forward to purchasing some of Jun Lin's other products!
Last but not least, purchased this along with the stitching pony. Excellent communication and shipping. Product shipped and arrived in 4 days (Malaysia to Austin, Texas).

Thank you for sharing your experience with the alcohol lamp. I agree that the mirror polish on the lamp isnt easy to maintain, but its a show of polishing prowess by the manufacturer with the trade off that it wont stay pretty forever hahhaha. It is a real mirror polish on steel, not electroplated, considered a harder feat to achieve. I am looking forward to hearing more from you down the road after you get a chance to use it more!