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Electric Creaser - QinHuang

Electric Creaser - QinHuang

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QinHuang Electric Creaser

QinHuang is a manufacturer from china who have been producing pretty solid leather craft tools and machineries for a little over the past decade. This new machine from them is the biggest refresh that ever happened to electric creasers. 

The circuit design is fully custom developed, with an Arm microcontroller as its backbone. 

How this machine came about

Qinhuang addressed some common concerns among crafters when it comes to electric creasers:

I only need one machine for the time being, but what if i need more outputs in the future?

Build your setup as you go, no stress

What if the circuit malfunctions, its going to cost a bomb to get it fixed

A replacement circuit board can be shipped your way! Or you could just ship the machine back to us, it is light, so it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to ship

If only I can travel with my electric creaser

Its light, and you can even power it with your USB C laptop charger

Is it compatible with tips from other manufacturers?

Its fully compatible with all tips made to the industry standard set by Regad decades ago.

Is it waterproof?



  • These are light, portable, powerful, stable and modular. and they pack quite a punch.
  • It has extensive digital short circuit protection to shield the circuit from misfortune.
  • Turning the creaser on and off is just a simple push of a button.
  • Precise power control promotes repeatability and consistency.


Weight 380 grams/ 0.85 lbs
Power Input

USB C - 20 Volts/ 60 Watts 


DC - 24 Volts/ 60 Watts

Enclosure Anodized Aluminium

Width: 10.5cm / 4.1 inches

Depth: 9.8cm / 3.9 inches

Height: 2.4cm / 0.94 inches

Warranty period

2 Years Manufacturer Warranty

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