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Edge Beveler - Qilin

Edge Beveler - Qilin

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My gift

Qilin (麒麟), a form of dragon in Chinese mythology. 2024 is the year of the dragon in the Lunar Calendar and it marks the third year since I have sold to my first customer. I often bring my mind back to the place where I first grew my interest in leathercraft and leathercraft tools, then subsequently manufacturing and e-commerce. As time progresses, I find it difficult not to forget what that feels like, the peculiar feeling of falling into obsession, and the pleasure through creation. I like to think that it was my gift to the world, of which I share by igniting a passion in others. 


The brass ferules are flattened with an even smooth satin finish. An oxidation finish is then applied using an antiquing fluid, and then lightly buffed.

The joint between the Cocobolo wooden handle and the ferrule now has a gentle 45 degrees bezel to it as well. It took us a while to figure out how to do this. In order for the brass ferrule to align well with the wooden handle, the dimensions across all faces has got to be kept within a +-0.05mm error margin out of the CNC machining process.

Beveler Blade

Japanese VG10 cutlery stainless steel, vacuum heat treated to 61 HRC. The material and treatment selection of the blade was thoroughly analyzed to achieve what I personally regard to be the optimal balance for this application. With its high hardness, comes the benefit of good edge retention, this is complimented by VG10's ease of honing and sharpening. 

Size Guide

00 - good for card slots around 1mm to 1.2mm (2 to 3 oz) thick
0 - good for wallet edges if you want a gentle bevel
1 - wallet edges if you want a wider bevel
2 - good for 2 mm (5 oz) and above, maybe belts?
3 and 4 - Good for 3mm (8 oz) and above

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3 Bevelers - 20$
4 Bevelers - 30$
5 Bevelers - 40$
6 Bevelers - 50$



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Customer Reviews

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Superb Edge Bevelers

These Edge Bevelers made by JunLin are awesome. My only regret is not getting them earlier. Having owned several edge bevelers at various price points, I am confident that these ones made by JunLin are, IMHO with a high degree of probability - the best. I won't hesitate to recommend someone to buy these straight away and not waste time (and money) on anything else.

The ergonomics of the handle are in my humble opinion perfect. The offset implementation is comfortable while the thoughtfully appointed angles and flats on the handle provide for intuitively accurate use.

The handles meet the ferule with a small bevel that I find it very neat and well executed. I think this is one of the nicest ways to transition between wood and a ferule. The ferules itself are also very well made. I appreciate the oxidizing finish that was applied and the resulting patina.

The cutting edges of the bevelers came perfectly polished and sharp out of the box, making satisfying clean cuts even through soft leather, with ease. The beveling arm is robust and rigid. It is a pleasure to use. Edge retention has also been great and I expect these to be easy to maintain.

These bevelers are top notch. Well deserving of a solid 5 stars!