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Diamond Pricking Irons - 4.0mm

Diamond Pricking Irons - 4.0mm

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JunLinLeather Diamond Pricking Irons

*Prettier pictures coming soon*

Putting together the Diamond/Japanese style pricking irons haven't been easy. A year in the design shop, overcoming production hurdles with my manufacturing partners, and embracing setbacks refined our standards and shaped what I hope will be exceptional tools in your arsenal.

Design Decisions


A heavier handle (relative to the French Irons) provides more momentum for those heavier leather tasks. The brass inlays serves as an aesthetic touch and will age gracefully with a unique patina over time. Elements retained from French pricking irons, such as the contrasting polished grind of the head and the rounded top (where the hammer hits) ensure a blend of comfort and excitement.


The soft rounded tip of our irons offers a balanced cutting action, effortlessly penetrating even hard leather. High Mirror polished teeth practically eliminate friction, ensuring a smooth pullout from the leather.

Surface Finish

Achieved through Quench Polish Quench (QPQ), our soft matte black finish isn't just for show. It feels great in your hands and provides ample friction, even if your hands tend to sweat during those stressful crafting moments.


I have decided to stick with 440C. This steel strikes a delicate balance, seamlessly blending toughness, edge retention, corrosion resistance, and polishability. 

What's in the box

Each set comes with 2, 5 and 10 tooth. Which should suffice for most of your crafting needs.

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Customer Reviews

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Eric McAtee
Pricking Iron Review

Excellent quality irons. They have a good weight and are very comfortable to hold.