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Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers

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Exquisitely crafted from North American Walnut with a fine balance between precision machining and traditional woodworking finesse. 

The chest of drawers are an extension of my partnering woodworker's collection in leathercraft tools storage solution. They are handmade from solid walnut, all without a single nail, box joints (also referred to as finger joints) are used throughout. 

Brass handle

I recently got acquainted with a tiny bit of metal working, and I like to add my own flavour to things. 

There are three textures on the handle alone, antiqued finish on the body, polished surface on the bezel, and a satin finish (true flat because that is what I am obsessed with) on the top.


 Measurement Metric (cm) Imperial (inch)
Width 50 20
Depth 18 7
Height 14.5 5.7


Weight: 4.5kg, 10lbs


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jason Reynolds
Chest of Drawers - perfect

I’ve ordered two of these now, along with the extended tool rack. I really like them and the craftsmanship put into them. I will order more, maybe with a request to make them deeper for other storage off of my workbench

Michael Murillo
Chest of Drawers

Excellent quality and craftsman. Very nice touch to detail with velvet padding inside.